Kombimatec EV443



Kombimatec EV443 Corner Cleaner

Automatically grooves both top and bottom profile faces and mills outside edge in one operating cycle.
Once set the automatic profile identification facility selects the correct program cycle for each profile.
Total flexibility with full operation or isolation of individual functions.
Single side grooving selection for wood grain, foil or acrylic covered profiles.
Small footprint measures only 860 mm x 980 mm.
Typically accommodates frames down to 25 cm.
Takes profiles up to 125 mm wide.
Multi-position spindle takes up to 3 milling cutters. Independent cutter shaft mounting with flexible drive eliminates motor strain.
One touch locates frame and starts cutting cycle.

Technical Information

Milling Cutter min. dia. 80 mm
Milling Cutter max. dia. 200 mm
Cutter bore 32 mm
Mains voltage 415V, 3~, 50 Hz,
5A Power output 1,5 KW Milling spindle 2800 rpm
Compressed air connection 7 bar/100 psi
Air consumption 60 ltr per cycle
Length 980mm, Width 860mm, Height 1545mm, Weight 420 Kg

With 2,5 mm knives (2-off)
Profile support arm (1-off)


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