Pertici FC106


Pertici FC106 Espag Router

Two independent routing units, one vertical (milling/copying) and one horizontal (drilling, equipped with 3 bits).
Free machining, both lengthwise and crosswise, or fixed machining through the copying templates.
Manual feeding of vertical motor.
Manual feeding of horizontal motor.
Centralising arms.
Steel stand.
2 horizontal pneumatic clamps.
2 three-diameter tracer points 5/8/10 mm.
1 spring collet 8 mm.
3 drills for the horizontal head diam. 10-12-10.

Technical Information

Mains voltage 415V, 3~, 50 Hz
Motor power: 0,81 kW + 0,55 kW
Motor rotation speed: 12000 rpm
Power supply: 1,5 kW
Compressed air connection 7 bar/100 psi
Length 840mm, Depth 950mm, Height 1600mm, Weight: 136 kg


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