Rotox FWS 281


Rotox FWS 281 Automatic Drainage router Waterslot

For the simultaneous milling of two staggered slots.
4 automatically working milling units.
Simultaneous milling of 2 staggered, lengthwise adjustable drain slots in 2 (3) planes.
Selection of the milling units for the right or left end of the profile bar by two-hand control.
Selection of the unit for visible or invisible drainage by hand switch.
Adjustment of the units to the milling positions by hand wheels and adjusting aids.
Two-hand Safety control.

Left and Right hand support arms.

Technical Information

Voltage (V): 230V
Power (kW): 4 x 0,5
Air pressure (bar): 7
Air consumption (l/min): approx. 100
Revolution shaft (min -1): 17 000
Workable profile width (mm): min. 40, max. 120
Workable profile height (mm): min. 50, max. 80
Length 1000mm, Depth 1000mm, Height 1750mm, Weight (kg): approx. 190


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